Friday, September 19, 2008

A good discussion...

I wanted to share an interesting discussion with a visitor to the blog. I really appreciate comments and feedback. My aim with this blog is to get people thinking and talking about the critical issues of our day, so I love it when I get to discuss these topics with others. Here are a few comments that came in today and my responses. Keep 'em coming, everybody. Thanks to SJCooper!

In response to post titled "Last Chance for Life", SJCooper said:

For six long years the republicans were the majority in the senate and the house of representatives. We had a self professed pro-life president in office for those 6 years (2000-2006). Every year Ron Paul tried to get a bill in motion to overturn Roe v Wade. every year of the republican majority rule it failed to ever make it to the floor. If you are expecting the Republican party to come to the rescue of life, you will be disappointed. McCain will not be the hero. To vote for him as a lesser of two evils, or as a vote against Obama is reckless at best. we all will be held accountable for whom we cast our vote. McCain is no patriot, the republican party has betrayed us all. Chuck Baldwin for Pres.

My Response:

I don't realistically expect Row to be overturned by Republicans or anyone else. I doubt a society (nevermind government) as morally corrupted as ours is will have the fortitude and compassion necessary to end the practice of abortion. However, with an Obama presidency and a 2/3rds majority Democrat controlled congress we can guarantee the slaughter of the unborn will be championed and the right to oppose it smothered. That is why a McCain vote is necessary. Simply to stop Obama. I don't find this reckless. In fact, voting for a third party candidate almost ensures Obama the win. That is what we must fight against and a vote for McCain is the only realistic way to do it.

In response to the 2008 Voter's Guide post,
SJ Cooper said:

You are so wrong about John McCain. He will neither defend the unborn or this nation. Have you never heard of the North American Union, or its predesesor the security and prosperity partnership? I find it hard to believe someone from Az ( as I myself am; but now living in VA) has not heard of it. Check out the John Birch society or eagle forum to learn more. McCain will hold no loyalty to the constitution or to defend and preserve our sovereignty. And I'm sure he will do nothing to help overturn Roe V Wade just as our recent " pro-life" president has done nothing. I so want to find the silver lining in this election too. By the way your blog is great.

I responded:

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

Like I indicated in my response to your previous comment, I don't expect McCain to overturn Roe or even to uphold the Constitution in any serious way. We are past that. Just like in Helaman, when Nephi gave up the judgment seat to go about preaching the gospel because the government was too corrupt--I believe we are there, too. The only way to change things is to change the hearts of the people--unfortunately, I think that will not be possible on a large scale until the Lord returns. But individually, we can effect renewal by helping others in our individual lives. My vote for John McCain is simply a vote to buy us some time to do just that. I believe the damage Obama would do to freedom of speech and every other liberty we have would be catastrophic. As much as I have to hold my nose to do it, I have to vote against him by voting for McCain.


Andy Donkin said...

I'm not here to shout praises to George W., but I think we need to remember some of the good things he did do for the rights of the unborn. He signed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002 and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 (a similar bill to the latter had been previously vetoed by our dear friend Bill Clinton in 1995 and the former having recieved outspoken opposition by Barack Obama). He also appointed 2 pro-choice justices to the supreme court.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andy and also agree with Patriot. Also McCain has "promised to nonimate (sp?) constitutional Judges" There maybe 2 replacement in the next four years. His VP choice Sarah Palin is a living example of Pro-Life which I think says a lot. jfc

Russ said...

I appreciate the comments posted on this blog and the thoughts that have been shared. Concerning the McCain vs Obama ticket, it appears that there is support for McCain based a Pro-Life position. If you believe this, then the hour is much more grave than you think. Both McCain and Obama are puppets to the same master, the Council on Foriegn Relations and the Federal Reserve goons. There will be no difference in their policies. I recall a scripture that says "no man can serve two masters, you cannot serve God and mammon". In my opinion, people must forget the notion to vote for the lessor of two evils - the vote for the lessor evil is still a vote for evil. What will you say if Christ asks you who you voted for and your answer to him is that you voted for the lessor of two evils. I believe Christ will then ask "why did you not vote the man who stood for truth"? If people will stand behind the man who stands for truth, I think that we will find that he will have much more support than anyone would expect. I believe that Jesus is putting 100% support to the man who seeks to represent truth, however that man will make no difference if the minds and hearts of people do nothing to support him. Will Christ's supoort go in vien if we do not our part? Based on what I see, if we cannot get Ron Paul in then my next choice is Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party - his views coincide with Dr. Paul and both are strict Constitutionalists. My point is that we cannot give up and vote for the lessor of two evils. Doing so only prolongs and enables wickedness or we can stand up for freedom and say "NO" I will not aide and abbed to the least iota any degree of unrightousness. A nation that is too scared to vote for the right is a nation ripe for destruction.

Russ said...

This Youtube video of Ron Paul says it all:

Aunty Em said...

I don't believe Christ is going to ask us who we voted for. He gave us the right to make that choice. He didn't tell us who to vote for, rather, I could see him asking us if we voted or not. That is our duty as citizens. That is what we have been commanded to do. Each of us are going to view the issues differently as we have had different experiences in our lives and the responsible thing to do is to research the candidates & their stand on those issues, then vote the way our conscience guides us. And then I believe we will be able to stand guiltless (at least on this aspect of our lives) before Christ. Although, I agree with points everyone has made, I have to agree with what Melinda said about voting a 3rd party in. That is how we got Bill Clinton in the first place. I believe it would be even more destructive to have Obama in this time. He will not uphold this constitution, I believe he and HIS congress will do all they can to change it and it will be 'hanging by a thread'. This would not be a free America anymore. Although, I definitely do not agree with many of McCain's socialist ideas, I do believe he will strive to uphold the constitution. I do believe in his love for our country and freedoms and that combined with his V.P. pick has earned my vote. I do not believe we will ever have a perfect candidate that supports everything we believe (including Mitt Romney), and I also believe it is not practical or reasonable to vote a 3rd party in. It just won't happen. Thanks for the forum to voice my opinion.

Carissa said...

"it is not practical or reasonable to vote a 3rd party in. It just won't happen"

This is America, the beacon to the world of how a democracy functions. I would think if the people want to make themselves heard badly enough by voting in a third party, it will happen. (Unless, of course, everyone is brainwashed by the idea that it is unrealistic and unreasonable)

Back in the 1800's, the Whig party began to develop deep fissures over the question of slavery. The voter base defected to a new party- THE REPUBLICAN PARTY to carry out their ideas of good government. The Republican party today is beginning to experience deep divisiveness over multiple issues (foreign policy, abortion, immigration, etc). It is absolutely NOT unrealistic to think that history could repeat itself and a third party could once again rise to supplant one of the major parties.