Thursday, August 28, 2008

Latter-Day Secret Combinations

"We believe the Bible to be the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God." (Article of Faith #8)

That stated, it has always seemed interesting to me that so many members of the Church today seem to scoff at the idea that the very same secret combinations Satan has always used to bring about his evil agendas is currently a major driving force for so much of what is going on around us. It's a great thing, to want to think the best of all people. But it is a foolish thing to ignore the facts in an attempt to "take the higher ground". While it is not for each of us to pass judgement on others, we ARE advised to "judge righteously" when necessary.

In that light, please consider the words written by one of Barack Obama's mentors, Saul Alinsky:

Did you get that? HE DEDICATED HIS BOOK TO LUCIFER! This is an influential mentor to the Democratic nominee for President of The United States!! Still think secret combinations are a thing of the past?

It is also important to note that Saul Alinsky's life and writings were the subject of Hillary Rodham Clinton's senior thesis. She also considered Alinsky the father of the modern progressive movement and a personal "idol" of hers. Still think secret combinations are only the stuff of the past?

I also find it fascinating that so many members of the Church seem to separate their moral and political beliefs from their political ideologies. If you would never consider having an abortion because of religious objections to it, how can you support political candidates who support the tax-payer funding of the practice? Let alone, the full-fledged infantacide that Barack Obama supports. If you personally believe in self-reliance, personal accountability and freedom from bondage, how then can you possibly vote for a candidate that supports the practice of "redistribution of wealth" through widespread government taxation and social programs? How can you not see that this is an exact extension of Lucifer's original plan--to restrict agency and give your freedoms to another entity "for the common good" or so that "not one soul will be lost"?

The principles are the same. Book of Mormon prophets did not separate their religious beliefs from their civic duties. The government of the people was as important a topic for them as the government of the Church.

As unpleasant and confusing as it may seem sometimes, we absolutely MUST make ourselves aware of the world in which we live. I believe we will be held accountable for our choices in both our private and civic responsibilities. If we are to live according to our beliefs--doesn't it stand to reason that we should also vote as such?


Utes said...

I had just finished reading a transcript of Obama's nomination speech before reading your article; I have the same question as you: How can one NOT see the similarities between the promises made by Obama and those made by Lucifer in the grand councils before we received our mortal bodies? "That one soul shall not be lost.". Awaken to our aweful situation ye elders of israel before our situation becomes even worse!

Gabriel said...

Isn't it interesting that the Book of Mormon is studied in church every four years, coinciding with Presidential Elections? Not only is the Book of Mormon the guide which leads all to the true nature of the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it is also a warning to the earth that all nations that support secret combinations will be decimated. As Utes said, we must truly awaken to our awful situation.