Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Song of Liberty

How beautiful and sweet is the taste of liberty

But she hasn’t been experienced much throughout history.

For when once achieved, she can become rotten

If lessons once learned are then forgotten.

Then, this once sought after priceless gem

Is twisted and stretched to the whim of men.

Until she is no longer our beloved liberty

But merely in disguise she becomes moral anarchy.

Yes, liberty can be taken to an extreme

To accept all actions of men, howe're obscene.

Until the line between what’s right and wrong begins to disappear

And truth and error, though once far apart, begin to draw near.

Until what was once up and what was once down

Are not that anymore, they are turned around.

No longer can we say what was right is still right and what was wrong is still wrong,

For that is a close-minded, unintellectual, silly old song.

So the intellectuals give us lyrics for the new modern song,

But I would encourage you not to sing along.

Their voices grow louder with each passing year

And if you listen carefully, this is what you will hear:

“Nothing is truly right or truly wrong, it depends on what you perceive them to be,

So simply seek after that which makes you happy.

“And we must have tolerance—tolerance for everything immoral and obscene.”

This is the song of the intellectual left wing.

But I caution you of this tolerance for things immoral and obscene,

For tolerance grows to acceptance, then to embrace, and onto mainstream!

Be careful of this modern tune with all its promises and splendor

It is not fit for a friend of liberty, as it forces our virtue to surrender.

And so without our virtue, what will we have then?

We may have pleasure for a time, but it will soon end.

For a people that cease to have virtue will soon cease to be free,

Because virtue is an essential pillar for a free society.

Freedom is a precious, sweet tree that must be pruned by morality.

She cannot be allowed to grow wild, or she will become bitter anarchy.

So, I will continue to sing my silly old song

Of what’s right is still right and what’s wrong is still wrong.

And I would encourage you in one great throng

To please join with me and sing along.

You must join in, for as the opponents will suppose

A voice not raised is a voice not opposed.

Let not the silent majority be silent anymore,

But with all my heart I plead and implore:

Come, come sing my chorus with me

And see if we can preserve our precious liberty.

Jared Kimball Turner

Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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