Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In God We Trust?

Oh, America will you depart from our timeless motto
That once seemed it would never rust.
The motto that is sublime in simplicity
That boldly states: “In God We Trust”.
This phrase once gave us the greatest power on earth
There was nothing to us of greater worth,
Than the freedom of all people—we would fight for it at all costs
Our forefathers shed blood and gave their lives; oh how great was their loss.
Suffering and sacrifice were their frequent foes
Many of lives were lost from other nations’ blows.
While in the depths of despair they called upon God
They trusted in his strength, because theirs was the noble cause.
And what was their cause? Only to raise up a nation unto Him
With “freedom for all”, especially that of religion.
Freedom, they believed, was given freely from Him
Because we are His beloved children.
Triumphant they were in establishing this choice nation and land
And who can deny it was by His omnipotent hand!
Surely He granted unto them His strength
To endure their trials and “conquer at length”.
And now after many years have passed away
We are clothed with wealth in such splendid array.
We enjoy freedom and all of life’s pleasures
Our lives are much easier because of technological treasures.
But all this progression has not come without cost
For much of our morals and virtue seem lost.
A flood of problems ail our society
Our suffering from them span a vast variety.
Experts and philosophers debate the reasons for our state of despair
Solution are sought for almost everywhere
I believe there is only one basic problem of our nation’s state
And only one basic remedy that will change our fate.
We are forsaking the God in whom we did trust
And in return, I fear, He is forsaking us.
We Have Banned Him from our classrooms where the future of our country is ensured.
We have banned Him from our courtrooms where our present justice and freedom are assured
For the solution we must only look back to the foundation upon which this country was built.
When our founding fathers gave our nation a key—a key that will never rust
It is contained in four simple words: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

Jared Kimball Turner

Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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