Monday, June 28, 2010

The Posts That Started This Blog

2 years ago at Independence Day, my husband and I were asked to give sacrament meeting talks on freedom, liberty and the Lord's plan for the promised land. After giving the talks we felt a desire to continue the discussion, so I started this blog. A lot has happened since then. The world has changed, the country has changed, policies have changed, leaders, debates, issues have all come and gone. The Lord has not changed. His will has not, His plan has not, His desires of us have not. Our cause is to recognize these and each of us fulfill our part in His plan.

So, here I reiterate my original thoughts, as well as those of my husband. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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June 2008
Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

I hope this is the correct blog of the cute, curly-haired lady in our ward. :) I want to send the link to the 11+ minute patriot audio I planned to use in my portion of the Relief Society lesson...great blog! Sadly it is in two parts: