Monday, February 23, 2009

The Modern Political Machine

I'm not from Utah, I've never lived in Utah and frankly, I don't know much all that much about Utah outside of Temple square, the MTC, Lagoon and the approximate location of BYU. Shocking... I know.

So, that said, some of you may have seen the video I am recommending at and/or may be familiar with the movement. But since this is new to me, I assume it must be new to others out there and even if you've seen it before it is well worth watching again.

We Americans have been lulled to sleep for the past few generations by a constant melody of entertainment, prosperity and relative peace. While we've been going about our simple daily lives we've been ignorant to the losses of our liberty and our childrens' prosperity. Well, it is time to WAKE UP! The video shows exactly how our "representatives" are bought off at our expense by lobbyists and special interest groups.

It is time to clean house in Washington. Wake up America.

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