Friday, October 17, 2008

How We Got Here


Carissa said...

The fact that Freddie and Fannie were government sponsored/owned in the first place is, I believe, the real root of the problem (socialist interventions during the New Deal).

It is true that Democrats deserve a lot of blame for this, but here's what I don't get...

For those who don't like socialism (enough to be upset about Obama's schemes), where is the outrage about President Bush's plan to buy shares in private banks? Even Hugo Chavez said "Bush is to the left of me now".

Do you have any outrage about this?

Melinda Turner said...

I'm absolutely outraged about Bush's socialist bank buyouts. I'm also really outraged at Mr. "no pork" "you will know their names" Straight-Talk Express went to Washington and signed a "bailout bill" loaded with $130 million dollars worth of pork.
I'm no fan of John McCain. But I really don't think people understand what we are up against in Barack Obama. He is NOT the man he portrays himself to be. Let me repeat that: BARACK OBAMA IS NOT THE AGENT OF HOPE AND CHANGE HE WANTS US TO BELIEVE THAT HE IS.

He supports abortion to the point of infanticide.
He has tried to undermine US foreign policy by secretly negotiating with the Iraqi government to not make deals with the legitimate President of the US until after the election. This should be considered treason.
He has attended a church for 20 years, where Black Liberation Theology (look it up--it is terrifyingly radical)has been preached, alongside outright hatred for the United States of America.
As a US Senator and using taxpayer dollars, he communicated with and supported the recent Socialist dictator in his efforts to overthrow the Kenyan government. (
He worked closely with and has been avidly supported by William Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist who was responsible for bombing the US Capitol, The Pentagon and a police station back in the 60's & 70's. Barack Obama launched his political campaign from Ayers living room.
His stated plan to "spread the wealth" around is pure Socialism.

I could go on and on.

The point is, the damage that would be done to this nation by an Obama presidency, along side a Reid/Pelosi filibuster proof Congress--would be unalterably, permanently detrimental to our democracy and very way of life. The damage to the Supreme Court alone would ensure that we would never see the issue of abortion in this country returned to the states as it should be. Not to mention individual liberties such as freedom of speech and right to bear arms.

My last point is this: liberal groups such as ACORN and liberal secretaries of state in swing states such as Ohio and others are doing everything they can to lie, cheat and steal this election for Barack Obama. The only way to stop this man is for the silent majority of Americans to stand up on election day TOGETHER and vote for John McCain.

I believe this to be the reality that we face. If we do not unite against the overwhelming forces of liberal Socialism, our nation's democracy will be washed away with the tide of evil that is right now mounting a tsunami to do just that.

Call me a freak. Call me extreme. I don't really care. As disgusted as I am with the Republican party, I see them as our only hope to defeat Obama right now. We can deal with McCain after we get him in office. He won't be able to do much with the liberal Congress anyway. But at least they won't have free reign to legislate us into oblivion with him there either.

I see what I see. I know what I know. And I believe many Americans, and Latter-Day Saints along with them, are blinded by ignorance about this man and heaven help us if we don't open our eyes right now.

Carissa said...

I'm glad to hear you're outraged (not that I'm glad we have something to be outraged about). I'm glad you don't have a double-standard.

I'm not here to defend Obama, and I don't think you are a freak or are extreme at all. You are absolutely correct to have HUGE concerns about an Obama presidency.

I just happen to have huge concerns also about a McCain presidency. I know we disagree about the war, but if you thought the war was a HUGE mistake, could you at least see where I'm coming from?

But look, it's going to happen. He's ahead in the polls and people are so upset with Bush that I don't think they're going to give republicans another chance. This is not what either of us want, but it's what we'll be stuck with.

Hopefully we can find a way to come together and take our country back. I could never bring myself to vote for McCain and the bad foreign policies the republican party has adopted. They have changed for the worse and I won't support them in that. There will have to be another way.

Carissa said...

"The move represents the largest lurch toward socialism that this country has ever seen, and signals the end of the vibrancy of America's once vaunted free market economy," said Peter Schiff

I just don't see how this is less worse than what Obama has to offer. It's all bad- conservative socialism, liberal socialism- it doesn't matter who's doing it. In the end, it's all bad for America and we'll never free ourselves from it if we keep supporting one of the sides out of fear of something worse from the other side. It's such a game and we're ALL being played for fools- thinking we only have 2 choice (bad or worse).